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Primicerius. We Lead By Example.

The Primicerius mission...

To offer a service, second to none, in providing dedicated web surveys.

Assist clients in achieving accurate feedback from surveys, we ask the right questions.

Provide hosting for website and surveys that are low cost, high quality, secure and dependable.

In understanding our clients goals and aims, achieve a successful outcome for them, that will add value to their business.

Be honest and transparent in all dealings with clients and those being asked to participate in a survey.

To assist and support all clients in achieving their aims and desires for high quality customer feedback.

Informed decisions...

Business intelligence is vital for the success of any venture, if you can see it coming, you can prepare for it, take advantage of it or get out of the way of it.

Surveys can provide valuable feedback, from staff, customers or even competition. Allowing your business to make informed decisions.

What a good survey will provide is what you need to know, by asking the right questions. A bad survey is when you want to hear something and structure the questions that way, it can also be done so you have feedback you do not want.

Information is important to any business, providing it is good and factual, ask the right questions.

Emerging trends...

Not only can you discover what is happening now with a survey, emerging trends can also be discovered.

It's one thing to ask someone, "What are you doing now?", but also ask, "What are you likely to be doing in the future?".

Accountants go by past events to predict future trends, soldiers live in the here and now but always have a plan "B".

Future events and trends are not the sole domain of mystics and gazers of crystal balls, feedback from customers are a way of predicting trends and fashions.

To be succesful in business, listen to your accountant, plan and react like a soldier but gather intelligence through customer contact.